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Taste of Himalayas brings to you the best of Nepalese Food. Nepalese dishes are generally healthier than most other South Asian cuisine, relying less on using fats and more on chunky vegetables, lean meats, pickled ingredients and salads. Whilst Nepal does take heavy influences from its closest geographical companions such as India, China and Tibet.

Nepalese food uses Common ingredients found across Nepalese cuisine include lentils, potatoes (which are particularly popular within the Newar communities in the Himalayas and Pahar region), tomatoes, cumin, coriander, chilies, peppers, garlic and mustard oil.

Yoghurt, or dahi is popular across Nepal, and is eaten for its healthy attributes and adaptable nature, as it can be used as a side dish.

At Taste of Himalayas in Surrey BC -  you will get a taste of Authentic Himalayan food.

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