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The Taste of Himalayas, a recently opened restaurant in the busy plaza of newton, surrey, aims to serve you the most popular dishes of the Himalayan country Nepal and the ample varieties of Indian cuisine with their freshest aroma in homelike and friendly ambience, Master chef Mr. Bikal Tiwari started his first venture as the sole founder of Spice of Nepal at Cloverdale in 2013, co-owned Spice of Nepal Newton, Surrey in 2016 and now he has moved ahead and established " Taste Of Himalayas" on his own again in order to serve his invaluable customers in his best possible way and retrieve their love and support for him. Since exceptional customer service and sublime food is our mail motto, we will leave no stone unturned to provide optimum satisfaction to our dear customers with their day to day taste buds needs at every single seating. Your constructive feedback to enrich our gastronomy and your jubilant comeback will be much appreciated! Happy eating!! Cheers, Bikal Tiwari

Taste of Himalayas

Himalayan Food is the best kept secret. Nepalese cuisine reflects the unique geographical position of Nepal, which is wedged between Tibet & India. These contrasting influences has created a complex cultural synthesis, which manifests in the lively interaction of the remarkably diverse Nepali ethnic groups and religious traditions. Similarly, the dishes from the Indian planes and the exotic specialties of the high Himalayas influence Nepali cuisine - the food reflects the diversity and the spirit of Nepal in the variety and the balance of its gastronomical offerings — fiery at times, but with various milder components. Please enjoy! Our food is recognized as being out of this World! Once our customers taste our food they come back again and again!


An excellent collection of some of the finest gourmet appetizers. Some gourmet appetizer recipes come to us from great chefs of Himalayas. We have plenty of vegetarian and vegan gourmet appetizers - Chatpate, Makai Taareko, Bhatmas Sadeko and Chicken Ko Taas, Garlic Prawns, Khola ko Machha ...

Gourmet Non-Veg

If you are craving for sublime flavors, take your pick from dozens of gourmet main courses . So, go on, explore the collection of gourmet dishes Kukhurako Masu, Chicken Cauli, Sherpa chicken, Aloo masu with lamb, Gorkhali Khasi,Machha ko Jhol... and stay hungry…

Veggie lovers

The fresh vegetables and finest quality ingredients blended with exotic herbs and spices to delite the veggie lover. Immerse in the tongue tickling delites of Lekali Tama, Rukh Katahar (Jack fruitcurry), Bhindi Masala, Saag Chana and much more.

Momo's - Nepali Dumplings

Indulge in the finest MoMo's and experience this himalayan delight. Every bite a tongue tickler - Veg Momo, Chicken, Jhol Veg, Chilli chicken MoMo. MoMo's that define taste and happiness


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Taste of Himalayas

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It is more than the experience of a restaurant . A warm welcome and exquisite service awaits you at "Taste of Himalayas" in Surrey

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High Quality Ingredients

We use the highest quality of ingredients fro fresh vegetables, meat to cheese and spices. You can experience that in every dish

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Sublime taste

At Taste of Himalayas Surrey every dish is crafted and created with great love and care. To delite your taste buds with your favorite himalayan food

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Taste of Himalayas

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